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Welcome to Rocking L Ranch -

Our advanced breeding program is the source of the best micro-miniature Highland genetics available today. Our cattle are second to none and are the standard of excellence throughout micro-miniature and miniature Highland cattle.

Our ranch rests on acres of pasture and winding forest in the Pacific Northwest where our cattle can freely graze and roam. We pride ourselves on the health of our herd, and our revolutionary approach to breeding mini cows.

By changing the way cattle have been viewed and utilized in modern society, our approach is empowering a new frontier in sustainability. The first of its type, our historic genetic breeding program consists of our cows; micro-miniature Scottish Highlands, and our micro-miniature Scottish Highland bulls, including the world famous Ohno.

Learn more about our ground-breaking program, and the passion we have for breeding miniature Highland cattle.

Mini Highland Cattle Breeder - Rocking L Ranch

Chad Lindula

Miniature Highland Cows - Rocking L Ranch


tiny cows

To get to know us better, you'll need to meet some of the iconic bulls and cows that make up our herd.



We breed and raise the highest quality mini Highland cattle in the world! The demand for our mini cows has gone through the roof, allowing us to share the ground-breaking changes we've made to the program across the world.


Learn more about how to add a mini Highland calf to your farm!


Our micro miniature Highland bulls pass on the most elite miniature Highland genetics in the world, and we sell them in limited quantities. We want the world to be populated with truly mini cows, and we'd love to have you on the journey with us.

Learn more about our micro-mini Highland bull semen straws.


At our ranch, along with some of the best embryologists, geneticists, and doctors/PhDs, we work to create embryos from our micro mini Highland cattle. Without restrictions, we offer our genetics to empower and encourage our clients to take a hold of their future. Availability may be limited. 

Learn more about our mini Highland heifer embryos!

The home of


The bull that has changed not only Rocking L Ranch, but miniature cattle across the world. Ohno is our white miniature Scottish Highland bull, and the sire to many of our calves.

Learn more about Ohno and his story, as he is truly the reason for our success.

Micro Mini Highland Cows for Sale


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