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We're Rocking L Ranch.

We're not your typical cattle ranch.





















We pride ourselves on our revolutionary approach to breeding.  The first of its type, historic genetic breeding program consists of breedable cows/heifers; micro-miniature Scottish Highland cows, miniature White Park cows, and our micro-miniature Scottish Highland Bull, Ohno.

Resting on acres of pasture and winding forest where cattle can freely graze and roam, our herd is waiting to greet you with happy moo’s galore!


Some perks of Miniature Cattle:

  • Emotional bond/attachment

  • Small cattle are easier on the land, equipment, and facilities

  • Easier to handle than large commercial cattle

  • Cuter

Our movement has fostered new connections, relationships, and partnerships with reputable cattle veterinarians and embryologists to create the most adaptable and lovable breed of Scottish Highlands on the West Coast.


By changing the way cattle have been viewed and utilized in society, our approach is redefining new boundaries. 

For more information, please contact us and follow along on Facebook and Instagram!

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Some Kind Words

"If I could only have one animal on my farm, it would for sure be my miniature Highland cow." 

Victoria Larson

Wild Child Farms