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The success that we have found through this breeding program has been overwhelming. Part of that success comes from how cute and endearing these tiny, fluffy, iconic cattle are, and part of it is much deeper.  We realize how blessed we are every time look out the window and watch these incredible cattle just grazing in the pasture. There is an inner calm that cattle have and it resonates with us. We see the changes and uncertainty in the world around us and we know that we aren't the only ones who grow uneasy. These cattle in particular offer everyone who has taken a bet on themselves the chance at sustainable farming.


We want nothing more than to be able to help these cattle take root in the lives of you and your family and make a positive impact. The safety that these cattle bring because of their small stature is unlocking to many who otherwise would not be ready to take on raising cattle. Our children can, and do, have an active role in the management and care of these animals.

We are proud of the breeding program that we run here at Rocking L Ranch and are excited to share it with you and your family. 

Miniature cattle breeder in Buckley, WA
Rocking L Ranch - Owner + Founder

Chad + Landry


Chad, Founder and Owner, first discovered miniature cattle in 2006. He was particularly taken with the iconic Scottish Highland cattle and thought about how, at a miniature size, they would make wonderful animals for anyone, even for those with limited space.


After years of research and networking, Chad began his own breeding program with a herd of various miniatures, and learned sustainable practices of farming small acreage with miniature cattle. It took some time, and a lot of determination, but over the years he has developed a herd of true micro miniature Scottish Highlands that are amongst the smallest in the world. 

Landry is the next generation of Rocking L Ranch, and his passion for micro mini cattle is just as strong as his dad's! You can find Landry on the ranch taking the best care of the calves, and naming each of the new additions to the herd.


Cole has been a friend to Chad and the Lindula family since they met in 2018. He, his wife Julie, and their kids have helped Chad with his cattle often as the program grew. Cole left work as a general contractor and came on full time to help manage the ranch and the breeding program in November of 2022.


Cole has always had a passion for cattle. He raised his first bottle calves at about 10 years old to start his own farm fresh beef business. Jumping into this position has been a natural fit for him. He has a gift when it comes to understanding cattle stress and health.


The support that he has brought to the ranch has opened the door to international export of genetics. He has built and maintains relationships with the farmers and doctors that are irreplaceable to our program. Cole has brought structure and support to the program that has allowed it to take off. 

Mini Cows for sale

Cole Hunt


Learn more about our program, our cattle and how you can join the micro mini Highland movement!

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