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Rocking L Ranch - Mini Highland Cattle Program
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Cattle Breeding

We consistently drive cutting edge cattle reproductive science, leading our industry without compromise. Our cattle are unmatched in conformation, hair, and size. Working alongside trailblazing geneticists, doctors, and farmers, we have laid claim to groundbreaking achievements that have not been seen anywhere else in this industry!


We are the only program of this kind to consistently produce majority true micro miniature Highland cattle.

Thanks to the demand and desire for innovation, in 2024-2025, we will be able to share the groundbreaking new research and developments that have brought our program to lead this new frontier.

Mini Highland Cattle Breeding

First Clone Embryo Dish


one embryo at a time


When he first had this dream, Chad had a vision for what he wanted to see for himself. When he started assembling his herd it was not for anyone but himself. We strive for all of our clients to have an animal that we would be proud to retain in our breeding program. 

With the implementation of embryo transfer, along with our experienced and dedicated team of genetic professionals, we have increased the number of calves possible utilizing only the best available genetics.

We start by harvesting oocytes from our micro miniature Highland cows here at the ranch.

Conception takes place in the laboratory, using the collected oocytes, and semen collected from one of our micro miniature Highland bulls. The lab grows our embryos in incubators and after a week, freezes them or we transfer them fresh into recipient cows, which are synchronized with the donors.​​

This science and technology gives us the ability to produce record amounts of calves from our world class cattle.

Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination (AI) is the process of breeding a cow or heifer through means of manually injecting semen into the animal when they are ready to breed. There are many benefits to AI for Miniature Highlands, a couple amazing ones are being able to select the best genetics, and timing pregnancies.

 Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer is a common breeding method here at Rocking L Ranch. Using this method allows us to collect and pair the best genetics while utilizing recipient cows to carry pregnancies. This provides us with the ability to produce more calves, without the stress of pregnancies on our best producing miniature Highland cows.

Natural Breeding

Miniature Highland cattle can breed naturally, and this method can help provide sustainability for smaller farms. We have a limited number of naturally conceived calves every year along with our advanced breeding technology calves.


Rocking L Ranch was the first in the world to clone Highland cattle of any size and has been utilizing this method due to a desire to replicate the incredibly pinpoint results achieved in our breeding program. We have worked tirelessly with the best Doctors in industry to make this a reality. This method has allowed us to make an exact genetic copy of our best producing cattle as well as our elite calves produced - creating the designer boutique model!


We'd love for you to take the journey with us and our mini Highland cattle! 


We have partnered with ranches and dairies across the country to not only advance their programs, but enhance ours as well. 

There is an emerging agriculture community in Miniature Highlands, and our program would not be where it is today without the geneticists, veterinarians, ranchers, and dairy farmers that have rallied behind us.

Cattle breeding partnerships in Washington State
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